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Every day hundreds of people set off for a dangerous passage of the Mediterranean Sea, trying to escape war, hunger, exploitation and impoverishment.

Rescue operation, Foto:


People are sent to the open sea in boats with nothing but their clothes and without any shoes, hoping to reach Europe. This daring enterprise alone is almost impossible. There will be up to 150 people in a zodiac, crammed tightly, some of them injured, in degrading situations. The mixture of seawater, fuel, and human waste in the boats will cause most severe burns and skin damages. Many of them will be traumatized and speechless, tears running down their faces. The great number of pregnant women and families with small children is most appalling.

As soon as the Sea-Eye crew detects a boat that is about to capsize with their binoculars, an emergency call is immediately made to the rescue coordination centre in Rome (MRCC). In the meantime people are supplied with life-vests and water by the Sea-Eye crew, before they are tansferred to military or Italian coastguard vessels.

The first vessel, the Sey-Eye, Foto:


Ever since the missions began at the end of March, 2016, 5568 people were saved from drowning in this way. This year, 520 people could already be supplied with life-vests and water in the open sea by the Sea-Eye team.

The team's plan is to set off on April 11th, 2017, with the just purchased second ship, called „Seefuchs“, from Stralsund into the Mediterranean. Then there will be five Omegon 7x50 Seastar pairs of binoculars with digital compass on board, sponsored by

At the moment, the point of departure for rescue operations is on the island of Malta. From there the  Sea-Eye, and later the second vessel, Seefuchs“ are going to set off to rescue people from distress at sea opposite the Lybian coast.