As a reseller you will be able to procure goods from various brands from a single source, sometimes for the same price as for direct purchase from the manufacturers, who are often located in a distant foreign country.

The omegon brand is of particular interest for retailers as it combines an attractive range of products for end customers with reliable service and attractive terms for the dealer.

This offer will be especially interesting for the following companies:

  • online retailers and specialty shops for telescopes, binoculars, microscopes, or other areas in our range 

  • opticians and specialist photography shops which can complement their product range with telescopes, microscopes, and sport optics 

  • toy stores, as telescopes and microscopes are very popular gifts for children and young people 

  • hunting businesses for telescopic sights and binoculars within every price range 

  • golf shops for rangefinders and monoculars 

  • specialist sailing dealers for binoculars with and without a compass and reticule 

  • other traders who are interested in individual products or entire product ranges

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