Universe2Go got its own website

Posted by on 20 December 2015 | 0 Comments

Universe2Go is a completely newly developped handheld planetarium that connects the starry sky with a virtual starchart. Whilst you are looking at the sky you see constellation lines, names of stars and constellations and lots of other pieces of information at the same time. We provided universe2go with a home of its own: a brand-new website where you will find lots of information.

Universe2go consists of two parts: there is a specially developped app for your smartphone and a pair of star spectacles into which the smartphone is inserted. Both these parts work like two meshing cogwheels to get „the machine working“.

The sky and starchart merge into one.

The underlying technology is called „Augmented reality“. It is the connective link between the real and the digital world. By means of this technology both worlds merge into one picture. Thus, universe2go differs from all other astronomical apps. For, whilst you are looking at the sky you get to know it directly. You understand immediately what you see with your own eyes. Comparing your star chart with the real sky is no longer necessary, because the sky will become a starchart and vice versa. This is the way you get to know the stars these days. Welcome to the 21st century!