1998 - 2001: The "Prehistory"

Ben Schwarz regularly watched the stars from his bedroom in the attic and astronomy became his biggest hobby. He decided he wanted to clearly explain the structure of the solar system, the formation of stars and galaxies, and many other enigmatic phenomena of the universe to the, at that time, still quite small Web community and so created the Astronomia.de private website. This won an award and was visited by more and more users.


Meanwhile, Dominik Schwarz started a Business Studies degree, determined to become an entrepreneur. He convinced his brother Ben to start using Astronomia.de commercially for selling astronomy related goods.


2002 - 2005: The Start-up Phase

The brothers set up the ‘Schwarz Internet Solutions GbR’ Web agency.

Their first customer, a training institute, was to be their only customer. But this first money they had earned was then invested in the construction of an online shop and the building of a small ‘warehouse’ in their parents’ garage.


The online shop, with the Web address Astroshop.biz, quickly took up all the spare time of its founders. The product range was expanded to telescopes and accessories and later sports optics and globes would also be added to the range.


The fledgling company recruited its first employees and obtained office and storage space in the commercial district of Landsberg am Lech. Up until 2005, the founders were only occasionally to be found in the office, due to being still mainly concerned with their school and university studies.


2006 - 2009: The growth phase

The company had survived its first couple of years, but was still a long way from making money. A turnover of 1 million Euros was achieved for the first time in 2006. In order to expand further, the founders invited minority shareholders on board and Schwarz Internet Solutions GbR became nimax GmbH. The Optik-Pro.de and Globen-und-Karten.de online shops were launched in the same year.



In 2007, the Omegon brand was founded. The company was no longer just a dealer but also a producer and had items manufactured for it in China, Taiwan, Germany, Portugal and the United States. Ben Schwarz himself opened the first containers from the Far East at the end of 2007.


In 2008, nimax moved to its current headquarters, just a few kilometres away from its old location. The new building included a large showroom, an open-plan office and an approximately 2,000 sqm warehouse.


In 2009, after around one year of development, a re-launch of the online shops onto a modern, entirely proprietary platform was implemented. The new system was optimally adapted to the company strategy and supported translation into other languages in order to be able to increasingly cater to customers in other European countries.

2010 - 2015: The Mature Phase 

With the help of comprehensive foreign capital financing, the warehouse was greatly expanded in 2010.  Simultaneously, processes in purchasing, customer service and logistics were optimized to better work with the growing number of orders.


In 2011, the company invested in a expertly equipped workshop, in order to quickly and professionally resolve optical, mechanical and electronic problems in customer’s devices.

In 2012, nimax entered the business of observatories.  In a short time period, our team earned an excellent reputation and now carries out projects around the world.

In 2014, nimax founded subsidiaries in France and Spain, opening showrooms and service centers with their own employees.  In the following years, locations in Italy, Portugal, Belgium and Poland will be added.

With the launch of Omegon’s star viewer Universe2go, the brand proved in 2015 its ability to innovate.  More and more products are designed exclusively for Omegon in the company’s R&D department.

2016 - 2019: a new phase of growth


nimax takes over the Belgian competitor Astromarket.org together with the product brand ASToptics. The founders and employees of Astromarket join the nimax team and set up the Benelux site and the online shop in Dutch.

nimax becomes exclusive distribution partner for the brands Meade and Coronado in 17 European countries.

In line with this, the "Wholesale & Distribution" division is being strongly promoted.


With the takeover of the Seben product brand, trading via the Amazon and Ebay marketplaces is significantly expanded.


2020+: a new era

nimax is still on the road to success with a turnover of 23 million euros and more than 80 employees. We also have a lot planned for the next few years. If you would like to help shape the future of nimax, find out more about the opportunities under Network and Career.